Cliff's List Convention VOL 1

Watch The Legendary Event That Will Change Your Dating Experiences Forever

  • Day One: How to Approach Women, Meeting Women Online, Getting Women to Call You
  • Day Two: Sexual Body Language, Seducing Actresses and Models, Getting Your  "Inner Game Together
  • Day Three: How to Set Up Threesomes, Way To TOuch A Woman That Drive Her Wild, How To Meet Women In Bars And Nightclubs, And More...

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Highly Anticipated Product 

In this program, you’ll learn from regular guys just like you who have become MASTERS of attracting women and will show YOU how to do the same. I guarantee that the techniques and tactics you learn will change your life. VOL 1 features outstanding classic and historic presentations from many of the major names in the industry, including Mystery, Style, David DeAngelo, Tyler, Brent Smith, Steve P., Zan, Savoy, Lance, Dr. Alex, Bishop, Cameron, Will, Doc, DJ and David Shade.