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"3 Weird ” Arousal Triggers” That Turn Boring Small Talk Into Hot And Passionate Adventure"

If your dating life is already perfect, and there’s NOTHING you would change about it. Then go ahead and close this video now.

Find out How This Ugly Irish Waiter Was Able Get Out Of The Friend Zone By Using These Simple “Under The Radar” Triggers

From: Chris Bale
Brecelona, Spain
Sunday 8:30 pm

12072719_1722251508006101_7328477299737921371_nWe've ALL been there. Standing in front of that ONE girl you really want to impress, but just nothing comes out...

Listen, I know you are sick and tired of hearing the mainstream “just be yourself” advice .

You may have dated some women in the past and thought these relationship taught you something. But in reality you realize that you were pretty oblivious to what goes on in the mind of women.

You are a man and you are very logical. Women are very emotional and there is NO POINT in even trying to convince her start seeing you as a man.

All you need is to just tap into the resources you know you already have (sense of humor, being fun, outgoing etc...) AND use my Arousal triggers to watch the conversation go from cold to supercharged almost instantly.

The Discovery That Changed My Life

The truth is that most women are walking around every day literally PRAYING that the right man will sweep them off their feet!

They are dreaming that a man will come, like in 50 Shades of Grey, and make their fantasies come true.

And yet every night, they go home lonely and disappointed...

I know what you’re probably wondering now

That if that were true

That women were actually that desperate

Then why aren’t YOU completely buried in women the same way Gene Simmons is, every night of your life?

The answer is something you will NEVER expect, and also crucially important, so please listen closely

It’s because very, VERY few men have been able to unlock their secret Arousal mechanism that is scientifically proven to turn her on beyond control…

A mechanism so subtle that 99% of men have no idea it even exists!

The bottom line is once a man understands the Arousal mechanism he can almost hypnotically bring out the deepest, darkest fantasies women secretly ache for - even if she is a super cold business woman.

I came across this insane discovery completely by accident!

It was the revelation that completely shook me up after a personal crusade that spanned over 3 years and 8 months of trial and error with thousands of women in bars, clubs, restaurants, art galleries, and the streets!

While watching countless guys who didn’t understand this secret mechanism struggle with rejection after rejection, humiliation, heartbreak, pain and anger.

Unlocking the secret mechanism to arousing a woman effortlessly was a mission that was incredibly difficult, scary and brutal

After years of research, I came across one of the world’s most famous pornstars

Hint: His name rhymes with Dames Jean

He was with  hundreds of the hottest women on the planet.

Despite being a skinny, nerdy little Jewish guy

He had fan mail from girls as young as 18

To married women

Who opened up to him about their deepest fantasies

Begging him to fulfill them


Because he understood the Arousal mechanism I’m about to share with you.

After years of research

From psychology magazines

Reading romance novels

Reading 50 shades of grey and watching movies like 9 And A Half Weeks

And my time spent with the pornstar...

I FINALLY put my finger on exactly what to do to speak past her rejection mechanism,speak past her fears of being called a slut,and speak directly to the part of her brain that turns her on.

And with all of these insane discoveries floating around my mind, I sat down, whipped open my laptop, opened a new Word document and began to write it all down

Originally, I just wanted to remember all of this amazing stuff

But soon, I realized that I could actually structure this into a completely repeatable system that just about any guy could use to effortlessly get women insanely aroused around him.

And the result was My 3 POWERFUL Arousal Triggers

The Secret Revealed!

Dollarphotoclub_106246186(1)In today’s world dominated by feminism, it’s very hard for a guy to express his desire freely. That’s where scarcity, fear of rejection, and fear of outcome come in.

My Arousal Triggers are so powerful that they will remove your fears and will open up a girl you are talking to.

You don’t need to re-invent the wheel because I will show you every sweet step to succeed with that ONE girl. It all happens during one very special FREE Training Session.

The regular registration for coaching with me is $2,000, but Clifford from Cliff’s List persuaded me to reveal my Arousal Triggers for FREE, only to his subscribers.

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Let me share some emails I’ve received from guys just like you, who were amazed at how easily and consistently they’ve been lining up dates with stunning women while using my Arousal Triggers (I’ll admit, many of them were skeptical at first):

I found this training t randomly online and had never heard of you before and let me just say… Wow. Chris, you honestly changed my life.

I spent 34 years of my life unable to just be me. I see women passing by me and not even looking at me. Even the women I met, I wouldn’t even bother pursuing anything with them because I didn’t know where to take it and didn’t feel like I deserved it.

It took me one day to properly implement the stuff you talked about and I feel like Ive been reborn. Seriously, it literally feels like I’m walking down the street with superpowers. I don’t even want to think of where I’d be if it wasn’t for the Sexual Arousal Blueprint

Isaac, Portland

This is literally the one training I’ve been looking for since I started on this journey of self improvement. I really don’t feel as if there’s anything more I need to get this part of my life handled. Seriously Chris - you fucking killed it!

Tim , Pittsburg

I thought women in the UK wouldn’t be interested in me because of my accent and culture, but after attending your training, it dawned on me that those things have little to nothing to do with how women respond to me.

It’s all about my vibe, about the reality I choose to project. I learned how to feel incredibly sexually powerful and the results took literally 3 days to manifest. I pulled a Ukranian stunner home one night, then went on a date with a British girl the next day.

On a serious note, Chris I want to thank you, because I had just about given up. I really thought I would have to end up alone, or worse - be with someone I don’t truly love. You’ve opened the doors for me. There’s no going back now. Much love

Krishnan, Birmingham

My cousin introduced me to this training and it literally changed my life. I’m always skeptical about seduction products but this is the first one that didn’t basically try to turn me into a douche bag.

It totally helped me talk to women confidently and say the right things. I work from home so I don’t usually get a lot of ‘out’ time, but I went to a new pair of jeans at H&M and I met a girl who was shopping.

I was amazed at how well this stuff works - we ended up spending the day together, she went to take care of some stuff then came back over in the evening and let's just say Things got quite heated almost immediately. I literally feel like a kid with a new toy - I just have to tell people about it!

Razvan from Bucharest

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